Live. Breathe.

Hi. My name's Krizia. I don't bite unless provoked.
#beach #bantayanisland #cebu #travel
Care free. #beach #bantayanisland #cebu #travel
Glad I found people I can call friends for life. #friends #family #sinulzcrew #rednight5 #rednight5bantayan #bantayanisland #cebu
And it just keeps getting better, wilder, crazier. #sinulzcrew #friends #family #rednight5 #rednight5bantayan  (at Sta Fe Beach, Bantayan Island Cebu)

If your mirror won’t make it any clearer I’ll be the one to let you know.

Sibling dinner night for Shelley’s birthday.  Happy 21st sister! #siblings #sisters #family #birthday  (at Sérye Café Filipino in Eastwood City)
6.26.2014 After the Taoist Temple, I had lunch at La Vie Parisienne. It was a gloomy day and there weren’t really many people on that particular lunch hour so I kinda had the place to myself. #work #travel
6.26.2014 Had a full day to myself to roam around Cebu. Went to visit the Taoist Temple and made a wish. The answer actually made me hopeful but I’m not overly hopeful about it. Keeping my fingers crossed. #work #travel

Heard really sad news last night. 

I pondered on life and how it really is for most of us. Truth is, I can relate more than I should. I understand how it was like, for the most part; not really seeing the point of all the routinely things in life. There will be days that one just wants to give up and leave everything behind.

And that’s exactly the choice that he made, and I can’t blame him.

I was there for a period of time in my life. I saw how there was really nothing to it all. I saw how difficult it was to pretend, and truth be told, it still is.

We all have our demons.

Waiting for the right moment to face us and swallow us up, whole. Sometimes, we don’t even realise, it’s slowly creeping in on us, eating us up, bit by bit, while we try and keep up with the demands of living in this wretched society.

One of the two good things that happened on a Friday the 13th. Japanese for the birthday dinner! Sashimi overload oh my gohd. ♥ #family #sisters #love #birthday  (at Yutaka Izakaya)
Yes. No. No. Yes aaand carrot. Aha ha ha (:

I only asked 3 questions! Now I’m more confused.

Yes we haven’t been introduced. No we don’t pass each other at work. No you’re not a girl? 

And what does a carrot have to do with this…